Retaining Wall & Freestanding Wall

The mortar less installation method reduces labor & material cost. They are hand-laid & require no special tools to install. We have 5 stackable retaining wall systems, offering a variety of sizes and colors, which can produce an aesthetically pleasing, as well as functional product, suitable for garden borders up to a large commercial project. From small to large, we offer 4"H Nursery Stone, 6"H Stonewall, 8"H Stonewall, Sahalee Stone and 8" H Gravity Stone.
As a freestanding fence or wall our Sahalee Stone is one of our newest products and is comprised of 3 separate sizes with textured faces, front and back.

4" Nursery Stone

Dimensions 11 5/8"W X 4"H X 8"D
PCS/ Pallet 96
WT/ Stone 26 LBS
SQ. FT/ Pallet 32
WT/ Pallet 2535

Colors: Tan with Chocolate, Tan, Red, Grey
River Red (Red with Black)






For general accent around flower beds, tree wells and gardens where the height of the wall is under 2 feet above grade, the Nursery Stone size is ideal and easy to place. For making closed top circles, such as tree wells, it requires 11 units to a course resulting in a 2 ft. 6" inside diameter.