Leed Credits May Apply for some masonry products produced by Central Arizona Block under the following provisions with proper design and installation: Sustainable (SS), Water Efficiency (WE), Energy & Atmosphere (AE), Material & Resources (MR), Innovation & Design (ID), and Indoor Environmental Quality (IQ).
More specifically for pavers sections, SS 6.1, SS 6.2, SS 7.1, MR 5.1, MR 5.2.
Have your Leed AP Professional contact us to determine specifics on a job to job basis.

Tucson Production Facility- Tucson, AZ 85756
Extractions points for most aggregates Tucson, AZ 85641 & 85756
For Colored or Mid-Weight (Cinders) 86004
For Cement – Marana, AZ 85701

The information in this website and all Central Arizona Block publications is intended as a guideline only to assist in making: product, color, and budget decisions. Central Arizona Block makes no promises, representations or warranty on any kind express or implied as to suitability, design, construction detail or estimate accuracy. Professional assistance should be sought with respect to any engineering, design, construction and permitting requirements.